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Talented Trauma Therapist (LCSW, PhD, PsyD)

We are looking for inspiring and empowering individuals who want to make a difference in this world! 

We are on a mission to make the world a better place by addressing trauma from every angle. We are looking for clinicians who want to make an impact by providing informed therapy to our clients who happen to be some of the most resilient and inspiring people you will ever meet!  

In line with making the world a better place, we strive to create a truly supportive and enjoyable work environment that allows you to be the best version of yourself so you are able to be the best therapist for our clients. 

As an independent contractor, you will get the best of both worlds here.  You would be allotted freedom and flexibility to best serve our clients in ways you know work best for your skill set and your own clinical mission. While, at the same time, having support and guidance of over 15 years of grief and trauma experience to help you grown in your own therapeutic craft. We offer many opportunities to collaborate, process cases, and expand knowledge on therapy modalities. By growing in who we are, it only expands our capabilities to genuinely empower our clients.

Finding Freedom Therapy is an open and accepting environment where people from all cultures and backgrounds are welcome. We are advocates for all people to include LGBTQ+ and BIPOC. We welcome a diverse team of therapists. From the traditional to the eclectic! The only requirement is that you have a passion to make a genuine impact on trauma and grief. 

If you have the same passions and think you would be an excellent part of this team, then what are you waiting for?! APPLY HERE! 

When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone.

—Fred Rogers