Meet Lily Magnolia

Hello, I’m Lily Magnolia! I am an animal-assisted therapy (AAT) canine.

I was adopted by the Noyes family in 2017 and certified as an AAT canine in 2018 through Pet Partners. I have been working with Finding Freedom Therapy ever since. 

My job is to make your therapeutic experience much easier. Trauma and grief therapy is very helpful, but it can be sad and difficult at times. I will be there during your sessions to comfort you when you’re sad. You can pet me as you tell your stories and I will try to make you feel better. I will always be excited when I see you!

What IS AAT?

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Animal-Assisted Therapy

To understand AAT better, please watch this short video by Dr. Cynthia Chandler and read the section below.

AAT is a type of therapy that strategically incorporates human–animal interactions into a formal therapeutic process. It is considered an adjunct to existing therapy and is guided by a licensed professional who has also been certified as an AAT handler to work with a certified animal. AAT uses the human–animal bond in goal-directed interventions as an integral part of the treatment process.

Benefits of AAT

· Reduced blood pressure

· Reduced stress

· Reduced anxiety (not related to animal phobias)

· Decreased depression

· Ability to address grief/loss issues

· Emotion recognition

· Emotion regulation

· Motivation

· Self-esteem enhancement

· Increaseds engagement 

· Improved communication

· Improved socialization

· Improved cooperation

· Improved ability to trust

AAT at Finding Freedom Therapy

Amanda became certified as an AAT handler in April 2015 through Dr. Cynthia Chandler’s program at the University of North Texas after realizing that her family dog, a rescue boxer named JD, seemed emotionally attuned to people who were upset. Despite his own fears stemming from a history of abuse and having been abandoned at an animal shelter when he was only a year and a half old, JD would attempt to comfort those who needed it. Once the power of AAT became apparent, it was decided that it would be a staple at Finding Freedom Therapy, where it has been beneficial to so many.